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Costa Rica Boat Clearing Requirements

Marina Pez Vela wishes to enable you to make your transition and clearing process into Costa Rica as convenient as possible. Please review the information below to gain a clear understanding of your legal processes and responsibilities. We strongly encourage you to forward as much of your documentation and insurance information to us well in advance of your arrival. Our administrative team is dedicated to assisting you in the process to legally navigate in the waters of Costa Rica. Contact us during the hours of 7am to 5pm at the marina office for assistance at 1-866-739-8352, direct 011-506-2774-9000, or by email

Marina Pez Vela is designated as an official port of entry into Costa Rica. Cruising from the south you may clear into the country in the port of Golfito as well. Upon clearing you will be issued a 90 day Temporary Permit for your boat to navigate in Costa Rican waters. If you intend to stay longer in the country you are eligible to apply for a more permanent solution to keep your vessel in Costa Rica. A two year permit to operate in Costa Rican waters can be granted by the government which would also allow you an exemption from paying the taxes on your vessel for the life of the permit. This permit is renewable. You are required to maintain an annual contract at Marina Pez Vela to obtain this status and the authorities require verification of the contract from the marina. Our administrative staff is available to assist you in coordinating this with a Costa Rican Attorney or a qualified Port Agent of your choice.

Originals & Copies of Documentation required for clearing into Marina Pez Vela are as follows: 

  • Certificate of Documentation / Registration – Must have original and 5 copies for officials.
  • International Zarpe (Cruising Permit) issued from the last port of call. Must have 5 copies.
  • Crew & Guest Lists each signed by the Port Captain of Quepos  – Must have original and 5 copies for officials.
  • Captain, Crew & Guest passports – Must have original and 4 copies of all pages.
  • Vessel Item Storage List signed by the Captain – Must have original and 2 copies.
  • List of the last five ports visited on the voyage before arrival signed by the Captain – must have original and 2 copies.
  • Maritime letter of authorization or power of attorney issued by the vessels owner to the Captain of the Vessel – Must have original and 2 copies.

    Standard Documents Required according to Classification are as follows:

    Foreign Flagged Vessels:Costa Rican Flagged Vessels:
    1. Zarpe from prior port
    2. Temporary Importation Certificate
    3. Certificate of Documentation/Registration
    4. Owner/Captain’s passports
    5. Crew List
    6. Boat Insurance w/MPV requirements
    7. Active Fishing License (if applicable)
    8. Please provide the MOPT Exoneration Permit (if applicable)
    1. Zarpe from prior port
    2. Certificate of Documentation, Registration
    3. Certificate of Navigability
    4. Owner/Captain’s passports or national ID
    5. Crew list
    6. Boat Insurance w/MPV requirements
    7. Active Fishing License (if applicable)
    Insurance: Please provide a copy of your proof of insurance naming Marina Pez Vela Quepos, S.A as additional insured party.
    All NON-COMMERCIAL(or vessels not for charter) users must have comprehensive, all-risk general liability insurance in the amount of not less than $500,000 from an insurer with no less than a Best “A” rating. Please provide the marina office with the insurance information prior to the vessel’s arrival at the marina.
    Private or Corporate Owned Vessels:
    Name, Identification and signature of owner/representatives on file.
    Name, Identification and Authorized Officer(s) details of Corporation
    Identification and signature of Officer(s) on file

    Important Information

  • Costa Rican law prohibits you to charter your vessel unless you are a Costa Rican flagged vessel. Understand this illegal activity is strictly enforced and your boat may be seized by the local authorities for non-compliance to this law.
  • All vessels which are engaging in sport fishing activity are required by national law to obtain a valid fishing license. The name of the government institution responsible for granting fishing licenses and enforcement of fishing activities is called INCOPESCA. Contact us for details during the reservation process and we will gladly assist you in purchasing your fishing license. INCOPESCA is conveniently located within a short walking distance of Marina Pez Vela.
  • Marina Pez Vela strongly encourages you to cooperate with our administrative team to compile your file well in advance of your arrival. This will allow for a seamless and timely clearing into Costa Rica.
  • You must have the proper documentation available on your vessel as well as the marina office at all times. You are responsible for updating your file if the status of your vessel or its crew changes at any time.
  • You are required at all times to maintain in force and effect a valid insurance policy naming Marina Pez Vela Quepos S.A. as additionally insured.
  • All users of Marina Pez Vela are required to respect and adhere to the Marina Regulations as well as the laws of Costa Rica and its Marina Concession laws.
  • You will be in quarantine status until your vessel is cleared by regulatory officials and institutions. Please observe standard national protocols during the clearing process.
  • Marina Pez Vela requests to be notified 72 hours in advance if you intend to remove international trash from your vessel upon clearing.
  • The marina must have a minimum notice of 72 hours prior to arrival for the clearing of the vessel so your agent has time to coordinate for an official visit for the government entities to be available when you arrive.
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